The Major League of Monster Trucks

Quality not quantity. That line is what you would hear most when you attend a Major League of Monster Truck event. For nearly a decade Joe and Kellie Froome of J&K Motorsports Inc. has provided ‘family fun’ Monster Truckin’ entertainment in every city they visit.

In 1997, Red Bluff, California witnessed the birth of J&K Motorsports West Coast Monster Truck Nationals. Over 10,000 people through a three-event weekend saw the event live and helped J&K Motorsports grow to what it is today. In 2005 The Major League of Monster Trucks had its break out year. Continuing five events up and down the Western Coast, J&K Motorsports ventured internationally producing over six Monster Truck events with a combined attendance of 25,000 fans.

J&K Motorsports also lends a hand to those close to the venue in the city they visit. “It’s all about bringing a smile to someone’s face. We work with a lot of charities in some of the towns and try real hard to raise money for any type of fundraiser we can all while producing an exciting Monster Truck event”, added Joe Froome. ‘Crush Out Breast Cancer’ is one of the most nation wide known charities that J&K Motorsports has helped to create. “Kellie and I are really proud to have put this whole deal together. Each one of our events raises donations for local communities for breast cancer. To also support it, all of our crew wears pink. We even paint the obstacles on the track pink!” Joe Froome also noted.

The philosophy is simple. Believing in giving fans a first class event, while providing opportunities for sponsors. Achieving goals we set for ourselves to give support and donations to local communities and always providing a family-type event where the fans come first and the event content is never in question.

J&K Motorsports has always believed in over delivering for fans, and putting on safe, family, fun events anywhere and everywhere they go. Look for a Major League of Monster Truck event in the future as J&K Motorsports is expanding into new venues and cities.

Misson Statement

The Major League of Monster Trucks promises to produce a brand of Motorsports entertainment that is awe inspiring for fans, and promotes investors in a professional and unique manner and provides its talent with the tools to succeed while exposing the capabilities of a sport that has not yet been realized.

Business Philosophy

J & K Motorsports has always been about people, from our ticket buyers to our talent, to our staff, we are all just one big family. Our start in this business nine years ago of wanting to have something good to take our children to. It was very simple for me then as it is still today, quality over quanity. Pay attention to the detail and give the people a truly wonderful experience that they will talk about and share with there friends. We have to make our events so good and so spectacular that no one will miss them when we come to their area. By doing that you have created a happening that will be sustainable year after year. When you do this you have created a friend and customer of the MLMT for life!